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  • Is the tonneau cover still for sale what are you asking for it? What is the color code for the paint is it PXR for the night runner.
    Hey Brad, hope you are doing well my friend. Sammy11 never got back to me about the auto pedal assembly so I'm holding on to it for when you come down to visit E.
    Brad I decided not to finish forging the engine so I could return to stock. Never ran it on nitrous and kept it for car shows. It was in several magazines but haven't put maybe a few hundred miles on it in the last 3 or 4 years. Only has 4K miles now and thinking of pulling the nitrous off and selling the truck it if I can get a decent price otherwise it'll stay in the garage. Health won't let me have the energy to work in my shop on cars. Still have a large garage with a small machine shop I never use. I'm over 70 now and have to slow down but check out the forum frequently. Nice to hear from you take care, Murray
    Hey Homie ,
    How's the family doing ? Was wondering if you have any video of me at the track in either of my SRT's
    Howdy vlad....hope you guyz R doin well ! there a web page u could direct me 2 for Dan the machanic...formely of DC PERFORMANCE
    Hey, haven't heard from you in a long time, we need to do some talking about some photo opertunities for you next September.
    Hey buddy....ur PM box is full. Just letting you know that the email I am trying to send you is stuck in my outbox. There are a ton of pics on it so I may try to send them in two emails.
    Hey, you should come up here on Sept 11th for our car show, Jerry has registered, should be a great show this year. Pre-Reg gets a free shirt (and they are awesome).
    Pre-Reg ends on Aug 19th

    Reg form is here Antelope Valley MOPAR Club
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