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    Sad news, about Trainman

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    Any Questions?

    Anyone have an idea how many SRT10's are still out there? Non parted/ wrecked trucks?
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    Driver seat problems

    The seat lever is frozen? Never saw that. I'd recommend removing the seats entirely and taking everything apart carefully. PB blaster will be your friend. Try and loosen the mechanism up and then replace any rusted hardware if possible.
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    Torque rating

    Thank you. What about bellhousing to block, and transmission to bell housing?
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    Driver seat problems

    I recently replaced the drivers side front lift motor assembly. Not a fun job but the instructions provided are detailed enough. You can get them on ebay.
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    Torque rating

    Hey yall, What are the flywheel and clutch torque specs? Thank you
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    Where does the oil go?

    Depends a lot on the brand. My truck absolutely CONSUMES Royal Purple and Amzoil. I've had good luck with Mobile 1 20w-50. Trucks got 124k miles and great compression.
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    Power Mirrors

    Its a royal pain in the ass to fold the passenger side mirror.
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    Power Mirrors

    Anyone ever successfully install power folding mirrors onto their 10? If so what did you do? Just got two 4 post lifts and its tight with the rams big ears backing in!
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    Let's see your headlight setups! I've got 05 Acura TL bi-level projectors mounted in my headlights. One of them has gone out and I think its the wiring or maybe the ballast. Anyone know of a company that makes a wiring harness for that?
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    Super bright lights

    Where did you order that from?
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    Best performance shocks? SCT Tuner

    I second Tony. I've bought practically all my Viper truck stuff from him.
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    Anyone Race a Trackhawk yet?

    No way an SRT will keep up with one of those without a blower.
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    Power Seat "moves"

    Mine probably moves like 1-4mm from time to time also.
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    hvac question

    Is the under dash HVAC system the same from 2004 to 2005 trucks?