1. S

    Are there 3D files or CAD for the intake or other parts out there?

    I'm looking to create my own intake manifold, but it would be my first time doing so. I currently have a Roe Racing manifold under my Lysholm 3.3L blower, but it's showing a lot of where from... many removals and reinstalls (long stories). So i want to make an intake that would be one piece and...
  2. theCHASE

    JMB Procharger Install

    Hey folks - starting a thread to help any DIYer with their Procharger install. My specific application is the JMB setup. I will get some pics posted as I complete the install and answer any questions you all may have!
  3. L

    Is this normal? Paxton Supercharger

    Hello all, I bought a truck with a Paxton Supercharger on it. It is making a whining sound. But from what little I know, Paxton's superchargers are centrifugal so there should be no whine? Please excuse the dirt, truck has been sitting for awhile (driving minimal miles on it until I make sure...
  4. M

    Need Help!

    Looking to get a supercharger in the future, but what can i do to get more horsepower for right now?