48RE 615 Transmission Issue

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Devil's Savior, Mar 19, 2018.

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    Shame is this site will probably go by the wayside also. Blessed that Scott live close by and is most charitable in helping me at every turn.
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    There are (of course), an almost infinite variety of ways to build a 48RE.
    This worked for me:

    Basics for 48RE survival:

    Overall 48REs are way tougher than the 727 but they still need some help.
    The O/D sections are fine.
    Billet Input Shaft is a good idea for general performance use.
    Intermediates are fine; Outputs are 9310 steel and are tough.
    A good convertor in the 26-28 range is a great addition.
    Replace cast-steel drum and basket with tougher aluminum units.
    Replace oem aluminum servos with billet.
    Bolster sprag support (drill case and use bolts to secure)
    Don't use RED EAGLE clutches for street-use. They are designed for wide-open throttle ON/OFF use and not much in between.
    Use the GM Solenoid kits (from their 4L80E transmissions)
    Use a "Gold Can" transducer from a '99 Dodge Diesel. These are WAY better than the black plastic 90-degree units that are out there.
    Replace the oem cooler hose that has a check-ball for drain-back with an open hose and have your tranny guy do the valve body mod that will provide better lubrication and prevent drain-back. This is nothing new and if your rebuilder is a Mopar tranny guy, he will know all about it.
    Use a shift-kit OR have valve-body mods done by someone that knows what they are doing.
    Have a good tuner extend your 3-O/D shift rpm so it doesn't short-shift like they do from Dodge. (Big difference here).

    Finally, have the whole thing assembled by someone that knows how to clearance a 48RE.

    Good Luck.
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    If you want to race the truck, this company is the BEST for transmissions.

    Mike’s Transmission
    42541 6th St. East #11 Lancaster, CA 93535 (661) 723-0081 Fax (661) 723-1521


    The Ultimate vasco 400 transmission is a brutally tough transmission
    for high horsepower applications. This transmission has the performance,
    quality,and reliability that Mike's is famous for !
    This transmission features :
    ~Billet intermediate shaft.
    ~Billet input shaft & drum assembly.
    ~Roller bearings.
    ~High pressure protree transbrake valve body.
    ~Forward & direct 7X7 clutch packs.
    ~Reinforced five pack intermediate clutch.
    ~Deep aluminum pan with rear pick up screen.
    ~Modified direct drum with heavy duty 36 element sprag that is
    3 times larger than the 34 element sprag.
    ~Billet steel forward hub.
    ~475 Heavy duty spiral lock case trimmed for clearance.

    MT ULTV400 - Ultimate Vasco 400......................$3550.00 w/core
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    Yes, a built General Motors Turbo-Hydramatic transmission (VASCO 400, above) should be a tough unit. Of course it would require an adapter behind a Viper engine and programming to work with an SRT-10.

    I'm not sure what kind of power levels Devil's Savior is racing at or if his truck is street-driven at all.

    The 48RE example I used (above) easily survives at the 1200+ HP levels and is the same build used for the really high-powered diesels.

    The 48RE can also be built stronger than the 1200 HP level.

    PS- One thing I did forget in my list was a rigid "Hemi" band, to replace the floppy o.e.m. band.
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    So funny story, just looks like my tranny sensor is going out or the transmission governor is clogged, so cheap $550 fix. But since opening it up, will do some light nodding as have to get some other work done on the truck, like install my Paxton supercharger. Plus looking to pick up a SRT-10 Cert and dash plaque for future car shows since now is the season.