Catch Cans

I was digging and shoveling railway ballast yesterday, working in a gang on our steam railway. We replaced 6 sleepers. I am sore and slept real badly. Still if ya don't use it ya lose it. 10 km on ex bike 3 km walk is an everyday thing now. So getting there.
Good to hear that you're on the mend, just don't over do it :)
My new catch can has arrived. I shall fit that in the next few days. I will also replace bearings in the Throttle body while that's off as there is no external seal, been using a goop of silicon but throttle return is not the best.
Probably replace breather hoses as there is a slight vac leak there as well. Takes awhile for engine revs to drop to real idle.
Good to hear from you Kiwi now lets get that 10 back on the prowling lol!!!!

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