For Sale

They are worth as much as the buyer is willing to pay for it
I'm not sure where they have gone, but I see VERY few (so far in 2022, NONE) on the road.

I hope the prices remain up there.
I have seen 3 on the road and 4 for sale this year. There must be 50 in NZ That is a lot for such a small country 5 million people and really expensive fuel
We have 4.3 million in an area a little over twice NZ's size, but much is without roads.

I still have no interest in buying a TRX even though it would sustain far less damage off-roading than my SRT-10.

Best of luck with your project; it is coming along very nicely!
Kiwi you sure can tame another beast? Its pretty looking rig. Still trying to get over the fact that everything is on the other side lol!!!!
It was hard when we drove big trucks in the USA. You do get used to it. That was 20 years ago now
Found a new vehicle registration website. Quite handy it gives details of when, where from, Vin to 11 digits and the region it resides. No owners details or serial numbers
Currently there are 77 SRT-10's on the road in New Zealand
Black 40
Silver 13
Red 17
Yellow Fever 6
White CE 1

RC's 38
QC's 39

That is insane how many are here for a population of 5 million. Means they are not that rare in NZ :(

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