help finding truck

You and I would see the occasional one driving around "back in the day," but they are a rare site now.

So true.

I had a medical appointment over by Rockyview Hospital this morning, there was some dude driving a motorcycle with a side it was 8F at the time.
The tech doing the ultrasound kept asking if it hurt when she pushed on the sore it some sort of test?
Not sure if it would work in England, but I would run the Carfax to see where it has been registered and serviced, to narrow its location down a bit.
Actually that’s a good idea ..
we don't have car fax I don't think

I sold to a guy in Belgium I believe,
around 2009, ish
Hmmmm we will have to figure out how the system works on your side if the world. Would love to see you find her!

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