IRWINDALE Raceway, Sunday, Aug.9


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Jun 23, 2006
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Bakersfield, Ca
Hey SoCal friends, Trainman will be at Irwindale Raceway this sunday Aug. 9 at 10 am for a test and tune. My daughter is wanting to race the Hellcat Challenger and I will be there with the Viper truck. Hope to see some of you there.
Sorry guys, just found out that NO spectators will be allowed, only the registered racers and up to 5 crew members.
It didnt go so well. I will explain. we had about a 120 mile drive to Irwindale. after about 110 miles we were on the 210 Freeway by Pasadena when my daughters shifter came loose in the 2019 Hellcat 6-speed. She had replaced the factory one with an aftermarket short throw (Barton ) shifter. I saw her pull off the freeway behind me so I got off on the next offramp. She called to say what had happened. I was trying to drive down there with very little 91 octane fuel, so when I got there I could add the MS 109 (5 gallons) race fuel which my tune was set for. I assumed the day was done so I filled the tank with 91 octane for the trip home. We found someone at a garage in Pasadena to fix the shifter, so we went on to the Irwindale Raceway. Since I had filled my truck with 91, I was unable to race because the tune is set for MS109 and I didn't want to damage the truck. So she got 5 passes in, best was 7.91@93 mph (1/8th mile). Good for her, long hot day for me. Sorry guys.
Well, that's racing!!
I think it happens to all of us sooner or later.
When's the time you heard of a weld on a torque convertor spring a leak?
That was my last attempt.
190 mile drive and a 190 mile tow.
Fun stuff.
You have plenty of good weather left to try again.
A new shifter and proper octane and you're now good to go.
Hey Trainman!

Just sitting here thinking about your real octane requirements.

I'm using 94 octane pump gas with a true 11:1 in a 5585 pound vehicle and a power-vampire of an automatic with a 2850 (max) stall speed converter. When racing with the existing converter, I get a lazy bog/launch but I'm still am able to rip a high 1.7 60 foot even though my truck is not setup for racing, per se, (bone stock suspension), for one.

There is enough torque produced at a low rpm (in a VERY detonation producing range) without any knock with "only" 94 octane fuel. I'm not using any octane boosters.

You are at 11.5:1 BUT with a considerably more aggressive cam profile in a lighter vehicle with a manual all in a setup for 1/4 mile racing. Unless I'm missing something with your combination, engine-to-engine, your octane requirements shouldn't be that high.

This is based on the info I think I have about your particular combination.
In comparison, my cam's a 234 @ .050 on a similar LSA to yours (115 degree) which "makes" it even more octane hungry.

Is Chris suggesting your run a 109 octane fuel?

I know the MS-109 is highly oxygenated and is supposed to provide an additional 5% in power but I'm wondering if your engine really needs that high an octane.

As you know, typically, an engine designed for regular fuel is not as efficient when using premium.

I know this analogy may be flawed but it's how my noggin rolls.

Not suggesting you use 89 octane Regular (of course) but the typical spread between regular pump gas and say 94 Octane is only 5 points.
The 109 is 7 points higher than even 94. Tuned for the 109 (101 octane), I'd suggest you've got considerable negative torque on your crank as the burn would be starting way before optimum (generally 20 degrees before tdc) with "proper" fuel.
Just my 2 cents.
Sorry, I haven't figured out how to edit my posts.
One site I was on states ms-109 is 101 octane. Another site said it is 109 (makes sense, as per the name) which would make the "situation" even worse.


Hey Trainman: I need a favor. When you get a sec, could you flip over your Gen II Intake and measure as close as you can from the flange surface that bolts to the head to the Plenum.

I believe it is 11" or so but I no longer have access to one to check.


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