Just saying Hello!

I can't figure out how to quote someone in my reply!! Good lord getting old does take a toll! Plus I'm on a handheld device. Back in the day it was keyboard commando
So since I logged in we picked up two more BOTS
Some guys just lurk and are timid to ask any questions. I remember a guy showing me a spark plug years ago and thought it was the threaded screw on top that provided "the gap". A valid observation as what other part would seem to be "adjustable"??

I guess I could have rolled on the floor laughing but I've never been "that guy".

Maybe 55 years of being in this hobby has taught me patience. :)

ahhhh hahhhh!!! I think I just remembered the trick to the reply/quote dilemna i was having
Okay I'm attracting BOTS! There are 19 now!

Maybe they'll start replying to my posts soon since no one else is out there
It was good seeing you all! Be safe and be good!!

long live the Queen!
I wish we could "like" our own posts
That's so freakin narcisistic

emoji, emoji
And where is my siggy line? I'm having a very off day! Lol lol
Wow. When I turn the handheld device sideways I see the siggy line. Holding it upright - no see em.

so siggy line mystery solved.
It's like everything else in life, if you don't use it you lose it!
Thanks! It's been awhile I hope you are well :)
As you can see my truck now has some asshole stripes (a Kiwi term because the assholes had racing stripes on their cars) But I still drive on the wrong side of the road.

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