New member 05 srt 10 regular cab black

Yes there's a wiki page and a registry thread I'll find it for you
I haven't given it to him yet. Not sure what the process is. It may already be on there from a previous owner for all I know. Truck has been around the block it has 108,000 miles and counting. Is the registry searchable? It might be interesting to learn any history there may be on it.
I’ll leave all that up to Jeff when he chimes in

Was curious if they were like the Night Runner 10’s OEM headlights ..
As I recall, the Night Runner (in any form) wasn't available until 2006. I think TYC makes (or at least used to make) a version of those.
Another great BLACK....ooops or should I say African American truck in this modern world.
Welcome aboard hope you have as much fun with your truck as we have....except Wifey who hides her truck in the garage:p

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