October TOTM

It's fall......I'm in!

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Oh crap....can some one make that smaller? Thanks!
This month, who can post the biggest picture! And we have a winner!
I spy with my little eye......something that's green!:D:D
I would help you resize the picture oldcolt, but I am enjoying the view way too much.

Makes me miss the great northwest immensely seeing that background. :(
Come on guys, don't be afraid to enter those trucks. What's the worse that can happen? ;)
No others will fix, thread size limits exceeded
Since it's October. Who's the member with the orange truck? Get our quota for pumpkin spice out of the way early. ;)
This looks great on my IPhone.......honest! Facebook makes these the right size, why can't we do it here??

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Is it just me, or does that paint look a mile deep? :)
I nominate Mondragon for the win. One sweet looking ride. I'm on my phone and shit with pictures, so if someone could hook that up it would be appreciated.
Could you imagine what would happen if I tried posting up a picture of a quad cab???:D:D:D
Mile deep paint!


Look who got the picture to fit!!