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Jul 14, 2010
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For those of you who have the Paxton Supercharger installed, can you easily change the idler pulley by the supercharger and the idler pulley underneath the Viper emblem of the intake. I believe both of mine are making noise and need to be replaced.

I'm trying to determine if this is an easy change or if you have to take off nearly everything to change out these two pulleys. Where do you put the wrench to be able to get the belt off?

Also, changing the oil lines. Can a regular car shop (Mom and Pop place) be able to change out the oil cooler lines or is this something that needs to be done at a speciality shop? Not sure if the Paxton Supercharger makes it harder to do.
There is a square boss on the factory spring-loaded idler-pulley. All you do is fit the open square part of the wrench, bar or whatever you want to call it over that square and pull slightly (or is it push?).

Rent, Borrow, Buy Or??? the 3 foot long bar for relaxing the tensioner (factory) pulley. They aren't a special unit for our engines.

The oil-lines are easy. A wire-clip on the block side and a wrench on the other.
Again, easy.
Thank you. Are you telling me that replacing the pulleys are super easy once you have the belt off? Just have to put a socket on them and undo and then put the replacements on. Or, you're not even addressing that portion and just addressing the belt and oil lines.
The Idler pulleys are normally easy to change out BUT I don't remember what the access is like with a Paxton installed.
I can't imagine it being too awkward.
I don't see how you get the belt off? Do you have to take the entire front support bracket off? That appears to be the only way to get to any tensioner or the pulleys behind that bracket.

Any Paxton/Novi users in here? Someone has to know how to get the belt off.
Here's the Paxton Manual


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That does help because it shows me where the factory idler tensioner is. The problem is how do you get to it to put some sort of wrench on it to get the tension off of the belt. That's my problem.

I was really hoping someone who has this system on their truck can tell me....You have to take the front bracket off....or....jack the truck up then you can put a wrench on the nut of the pulley and pulling left/right you can get the tension off of the belt. Something along those lines.
Go to the race track, when you make the semi's and you are reving the shit outta it the belt will come off by itself......Seems to work at most dragstrips I have seen.....Just saying;)
I was able to get the tensioner pulley replaced. It would appear that everyone that looked at it either thought the whole bracket had to come loose or they thought it was a different pulley that needed to be replaced.

The person who replaced the pulley said it wasn't bad at all. He said you had to go up from the bottom and you needed a very long bar/extension to take the tension off the tensioner, move the belt off to the side, then use the long bar/extension to unbolt the pulley. I was charged one hour but I suspect the actual work only took 30 minutes or less.


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