Permissions for sale section

Hey guys, I am looking or a forged short block.
Distance isn't an issue tho I am in the Midwest.
Crap. Sorry, the permissions are messed up and I'll get them fixed tomorrow.
Hahahaha okaaaaaay!

this is proof tomorrow never comes!

I've been waiting since day one! :eek::D
Hahahaha! True but I need to stretch this out as long as Shaggy has been taking to get the permissions updated :D
Maybe shaggy has been huffing the nitrous . I heardoing that can make one a little slow and numb
He is definitely slow!!! That wasn't the way it was in the beginning but I think we are a dying breed
I am. It's obvious. We're done.
I’m surprised Shaggy hasn’t noticed more traffic on here lately and a revenue rise .. and at least checked to see why
Well if we hit 1500 posts a day, we might get a yawn
We could make that happen but I'm not willing to work that hard if my privileges aren't sufficient:eek::D

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