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Sep 16, 2021
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What does it take to get permission to post in the sale section? It says I don't have permissions for it, but my post count is well over 50.
I think you need to be a supporting member
:) Ronnie has the blue banner showing supporting member
@Shaggy, you'll have to look, you never gave me the permissions to see that kind of stuff
I have no access to the classified thread either and I know for SURE I have well over 50 posts!

I’m curious as to why I have insufficient privileges to post on those threads?

I may want to sell some OEM parts

can someone let me know thanks!
Happy new year Jeffey!! I bet you are frozen up there!!!
I have not been able to get in and post on the for sale section for over year since the upgrade. I did bring this to Jeff attention. I go to the General Discussion section, but don't like it. I still want to get back on the regular for sale section.
I can’t get on there either
Lol most likely! Everything on lock down - maybe we just need proof of vaccine and a mask?
Crap. Sorry, the permissions are messed up and I'll get them fixed tomorrow.

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