Seized Caliper

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Shorty, i fully agree, but in this case this seems to be not a real Person.

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Had a smoking stuck caliper on the front left about a month ago, only 20k on the odometer but from what I can tell it's just the hydroscopic nature of brake fluid and these calipers that makes it a thing.

Rebuilt both sides, took a few hours but I used the data from this forum to help out. First time I've done a multi-piston rebuild, that's a fun game...
Also can you get piston kits or is that just seals ?
I converted mine to STEEL pistons. The factory Phenolics swell tight in the bores and stay seized. This happens on the medium size trucks, frying the pads and rotors. I can rebuild your with steel and offer powdercoating also. I have drilled rotors also, but the freight is high.