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Jun 11, 2021
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Lavonia GA
Not that it really matters, but I noticed today the driver's side fender is stamped "MOPAR" along the upper lip, where as the passenger side is not. Both look about equal in their age, as does the surrounding components that connect to the fender. Can anyone pop their hood/bonnet and see if both fenders are stamped or not? :eek:


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The Driver's side is stamped Mopar.

The front scoop (for bugs) is stamped:

Ye who enter here, abandon all hope.

Haha! What a missed opportunity not making these things RAM AIR! Also, sounds like the ol' girl may be collision free! Well, Im' fairly certain the front bumper cover has been removed at least once, as its center doesn't quite align with the grille's center. There's also signs of, what I can only assume, was a past "splitter" install (small, symmetrical protrusions, flanking either side of the lower bumper lip.)
Mines the same way and my bumper is also a little crooked. Favors one side over the other just ever so slightly.

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