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    Hello everyone. I thought I’d say hello because I just joined today. I had always love the SRT 10. It’s one of my all-time dream vehicle. And after an injury I’m thinking I may have to trade off another one of my dream vehicles and get me something that would be like an SRT 10 because I can modify it out at work for my handicap needs. I might mention a few mods and thinking just because I thought of what I like to do to it at some point so you can get a feel for me and my personality and tastes. I did read the rules and now I can’t talk about a specific brand or anything. But I could kind of give a vague description so ideas can give me I seen when I’m visioning.

    Anyways my name is Annabel, or The name I go bye. I live in the north eastern Oklahoma area, tulsa Metro to be more specific. Even though it outside of Tulsa it’s the metropolitan. I was technically born in Indianapolis to grow up in this area and was talking and above so I have kind of an interesting accent.

    I currently have two vehicles one that’s more for my mother to get around more reliably than me. That’s a 2018 Chevrolet Malibu LS 1.5 turbo. And my other vehicle that I’m planning to trader it is my 2000 Ford excursion Limited 4 x 4 7.3 turbo diesel. After becoming paralyzed from a far I’m just thinking the SRT 10 is gonna work better for my knees with a few mods. I think I would definitely prefer the quad cab over the standard, but either or would be amazing. But either way I would run it in a more stealthy set up even though he would have the DNA byte of the SRT10. And I have left already enter the cost of ownership maintenance and daily life of an SRT versus my excursion. Including heel economy. And yes I know I’ll lose a little bit over my 14 miles a gallon in my diesel. I don’t think that big of a difference. Honestly I’m going from heavy duty to perform in Houston maintenance are pretty close to each other when it comes to diesel versus enthusiast supercar performance. And let’s face it the SRT is definitely a supercar and a sheep‘s clothing, wink wink.

    But when I get my SRT my favorite choice of color would probably be the yellow even though it’s not that stealthy. But I would run it even without the rear wing on it because I would mount door 4 x 6 flags in the steaks instead because I used to do security and I would run a thin blue black and white flag as well as a thin red black and white flag. Ideally I hope to find a fan purple line flag at some moment. But that’s more for my security career back in the day. Another option I’m gonna head to my truck if I am going to do some handicap malls like a steering wheel non-spinner I’m home controls for the throttle and automatic transmission. I mean manuals are amazing, but if you’re paralyzed the kind of limits transmission choices. And the other handicap equipment is the big one. I know a company That makes the handicap equipment left that will lift a wheelchair including a 450 power chair from right behind the cab window swing it over the bedside and drop it by the front door. In the SRT does facet a couple inches lower than just a standard 2 Will Dr. which I like for transferring to the beach is right now a little easier also my mom is only 5 foot four which will help get it in and out. Another mod am interested is a Functional Carbon Fiber hood with channeling to a intake.

    anyways I hope the third one is who I am and what I’m like as a person. And I look forward to making a lot of great friends in this wonderful community.

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    Lots of friendly, knowledgeable folks to help you with your SRT-10.
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    Welcome from California!
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    Welcome onboard...sounds like lots of mods for your ride...good luck.