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Sep 7, 2018
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Well...just picked up my 4th one. I'm a glutton for punishment or there may be something wrong with me. My 1st one was an 05 quad cab that was as close to perfect for me as I could get. Sold it. Then an 04 RC because I thought I wanted to row gears. I sold that. Then I wasn't sure about rowing gears, so I bought another 06 inferno red RC. Definitely do not want to shift gears at all ever. Sold that one too. Picked up an 05 QC in fair shape. Very glad to be back. It's been run but doesn't appear super molested. Wish me luck! Couple quick questions:

1. I don't ever remember hearing lifter noise at cold start on any of the previous 3. Or maybe it's fuel injectors. But I have some light tapping at cold start.

2. Noticed fans cycling bringing it back in from delivery. Found the radiator about 1 gallon low which concerns me. Pressure test it right? Low coolant could make the fans cycle?

3. I noticed bringing it home that in traffic it will pull up to 230 or so before the thermostat appears to open slowly and then it comes back down to around 200. Worth changing the thermostat preventatively? Or was that a result of low coolant? I know...low coolant is very bad.

4. Previous owner "thinks" it has a mild tune. Theoretically, since there was no device with it - then that tune becomes my "stock" tune correct? That would be swapped with a custom tune from someone else?
There isn't a sensor for low coolant but it needs to be full to operate properly.
And, like any other system, the air needs to be bled out, after it is refilled with coolant.

Thermostats need to be submerged and can't work properly if the system isn't full.

Yes, thermostats can go bad and sometimes need to be replaced.

Without a controller, whatever tune was chosen by the previous owner will operate the truck until it is changed again via a controller. It may be your stock tune. It may be your mild tune. Hard to say.

Hope this helps.

Replace the thermostat with a stock one, fill it with fresh coolant (regardless of how clean yours looks), bleed the system of any air and change the rad cap. The truck is 18 years old (as you know) and will reward you if you look after it. ;)
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Thanks Ronnie will do. Have you ever heard that motor make lifter noise at cold start? It almost sounds like fuel injector noise. I've never heard that on one of these ever. I'm wondering if it's something I need to look into further.

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