Your best highway MPG?

did a 150/200 mile trip once where the traffic was 50 mph tops but no stop and go. got 28 mpg on trip computer and it is dead on from when i do the math.
Well on avg... i set the TRIP button on 0 when i fill up and usually get 265 miles on a tank. (thats when the fuel light comes on)

This is with a mix of Hwy n city driving.

Highway i average about 320 miles. City i get about 200ish
Dont get me wrong but if you planning to save money on gas this truck aint for you IMO

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I average 200 miles out of a tank -- weekly commute distance. I may have 5 or 6 gallons left, not much more. The best mileage I ever saw was 15, after I bought the truck traveling from Kokomo, IN to VA

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