OK Who's been on this forum the longest? Oldest Join Dates!!!

i don't even do this.... but still had a GOOD time here ! :rock: now it isn't the same anymore... just lost to many friends around here... sad....:mad:

Post your ass up some Norbert. You will be surprised how many are still here.:rock::rock:
Hey looks like im the oldest active member on here... woohoo.. thats gotta count for something.....
Yea, Yea, Yea, you got me beat by "" that much
But I have many years on both of you...much to my chagrin...years on earth that is...Old as Dirt as the saying goes...
Hahahaha this thread is funny!!
Looking at the earlier posts I remember hearing and seeing comments in my lurking days about the NFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF and the E-fool ! I think I even checked that site out without joining ..