What Did You Do to your Vehicle Today?

Their break in procedure is to take it up to 25 mph and brake to 10 mph for about 10-15 miles. Then light to medium braking for the next 400-500 miles lol.

I did some of the 25 to 10 mph braking but not 10 miles worth. We will see. I can tell you I am happy they are not pulsating like they were! Plus they look a lot better.

I need to take the blue center caps off and then pull the anodizing off. Just don't have the time yet :(

Want to trade the blue ones for black ones ????
Want to trade the blue ones for black ones ????

I am ok. The anodizing comes off easy with easy-off oven cleaner. I just need to find time to take all 4 wheels off and do it. Trying to take care of all the stuff that NEEDS to be done first. :eek:
shaved some of the oil pan and grinded (grounded (sp)) some of the long tube Mopar headers on the passenger side to get rid of the most annoying squeak you ever heard!

Now I just have this annoying knocking sound and black stain on my concrete :D
Adjusted my bumper. There was a larger gap between the bumper and grill that has been bothering me since I bought the truck. Thanks Dan for telling me how to adjust it.
BBK throttle body / jtsvp hood struts / viper store Intake cover / jtsvp upper radiator pipe / jtsvp Radiator cover / & cf Viper Fangs center caps
GOOD GAWD What an old thread!!! Did your oil cap say 710 on it? ;)