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  1. Blacksrt1
    Blacksrt1 Brndfrb
    I messaged you back my number is +14752061191 call me
    Bought a 2005 black QC!
  3. Lastyv10
    Still got truck 4 years on. Only problems so far is the ashtray is open all the time and can’t shut it.
  4. yellowfeverquad
    yellowfeverquad Blacksrt1
    Hi I just saw a post about braided brake lines ,I have an 05 quad will they fit ,how much and are they available? Thanks
    1. Blacksrt1
      Yes they are available they will fit and I’m selling for 200 plus shipping text me 475 206 1191
      Jun 6, 2020
  5. beastmode1
    beastmode1 SRT10FOUR
    Yes that the oil that I run in my 10 no worries at all. My dealer would charge close to 200 bucks to change oil on the 10.
  6. ZCx
  7. beastmode1
    beastmode1 Kiwi SRT10
    Last week I was watching one of the shows in Australia outback and this company was modifying Our rams for desert crossing. The rams did not dissapoint they kicked the landcruisers butts with alot of room to spare lol!!!
  8. beastmode1
    beastmode1 Kiwi SRT10
    KIWI SRT10 here in the USA we have been catching a break on fuel dropped to 2.50 per gallon. It costs money to go fast lol!!!!
  9. beastmode1
    beastmode1 Michael from the U.K.
    Also Cleveland Pick Apart are a ram SRT10 junkyard they can help as well.
  10. beastmode1
    beastmode1 Michael from the U.K.
    Contact Scott at X2 Builders in Granite, IL he will help you. They are the largest junkyard for viper trucks in the USA and probably in the world.
  11. beastmode1
    beastmode1 Leo23
    I am praying for you fellas in Italy about this covic-19. The 10 looks great though.
  12. beastmode1
    beastmode1 Justinwilguess
    Welcome to the RBC.
  13. beastmode1
    beastmode1 Justinwilguess
    Looks pretty cool I like the stance of your 10.
  14. softoverview
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  15. Kiwi SRT10
    Kiwi SRT10 ViperJeff
    Thanks for the Cert
    We were having a giggle, we used to drive through Jerome in the fall/winter when we were driving trucks over there 19 years ago now
    POWERBRAKEBOB 6speedquadcab
    Still have the push rods?
    1. 6speedquadcab
      Yes I do. Contact me at 4084396913.
      Jan 28, 2020
  17. VIPR PWR
    Have to stay busy lol.
  18. VIPR PWR
  19. beastmode1
    beastmode1 Kiwi SRT10
    That dual exhaust is cool i bet those monaros got nothing on you lol. Welcome to the RBC
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  20. ViperJeff
    ViperJeff VIPR PWR
    You posted some totaled rides a few days ago I I can’t find the post
    1. VIPR PWR
      VIPR PWR
      You sure it was me Jeff lol. I don’t remeber posting about totaled trucks .. plus this might be the first time I’ve been on here I the last week
      Dec 21, 2019
    2. ViperJeff
      OK.... I'm not on very often either, maybe I was just seeing things wrong while using my phone. Seems nowdays I'm either working, sleeping, reading or working on the registry... LOL
      Dec 23, 2019
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