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  1. Wifey
    Wifey ViperJeff
    Spam bot alert. They are invading
    1. HemiLonestar
      This batch is gone
      Feb 7, 2024
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  2. canviper
    canviper rottenronnie
    Hi Ron, Cory Here, I got some info from prefix in Michigan on some gen 3 engine builds I would like to send to you and see what you think. Is it possible to get your email address. I have one from you still but that’s fro 2014. Or email me and I’ll send you the info. My email is [email protected]
  3. Sigma-Wildcat
    Sigma-Wildcat Stupuff
    I still have the two bed covers with hardware.
    put a flip kit on the 2006 quad cab
  5. mccubbinsjl
    mccubbinsjl LightningRaper
    For trailering your RC, what was close? the width or the length? I need to transport my QC and dont know if itll fit.
  6. mccubbinsjl
    mccubbinsjl rottenronnie
    Is this still the case?
    I need to replace the fan, its in slow mode only. I replaced the PS pump and lines. I am replacing the thermostat and water pump this week.
    "Hello: We have the same hydraulic-fan system that is used on the 2006 5.7L Hemis so there are a ton of them out there.
    Houston, TX area
  7. beastmode1
    beastmode1 Kiwi SRT10
    Kiwi having a couple of years settled in NZ how do you like it and I bet all the Monaros and Ford wannabes have quit messing with your 10 as they no better lol!!!!
  8. ViperJeff
    You’re welcome
  9. Penney
    Penney ViperJeff
    Thank you for all the information you sent to me about my SRT 10. The more I learn about this truck the more I appreciate how special these vehicles truly are.

    Thanks again.
  10. Nmccahill
    Nmccahill Sigma-Wildcat
    Sigma-Wildcat, do you still have the red srt10 tonneau cover for sale?
  11. Daniel Hernandez
    Daniel Hernandez SRT2SLOW
    Hello sir!
    I am looking for a parts list on a 6 speed swap for a QC and I was wondering if you could help me confirm on the following unknowns based on your experience:

    Will the transmission crossmember interchange between the T56 and 48RE?
    Will the output shaft yoke interchange between the T56 and 48RE ?
    Is the shifter hole currently existing in the QC transmission tunnel ?

    Thank you and have a great day!
  12. Sigma-Wildcat
  13. Sigma-Wildcat
    HI Venomous Ram,
  14. Venomous Ram
    Venomous Ram Sigma-Wildcat
    I posted in the wanted section that was looking for a set of long tube headers with cat-less mid-pipes. Someone messaged me and mentioned that you may have a Mopar set? Just wanted to ask, let me know either way, thanks..
  15. IowaViper
    Fixing my SRT 10 04 and wondering if I can put a 05 engine in it?
    Both are manual.
  16. IowaViper
    IowaViper ViperJeff
    Hi Jeff, I'm a new member but bought my Ram SRT 10 new in 04. Having engine problem and just want to swap engines. Can we put an 05 engine in a 04. Both the 05 and the 04 are manual transmissions.
    1. ViperJeff
      There are differences (knock sensor), I’m not a mechanic so I might not be the best one to ask, look up rottenronnie
      Aug 13, 2021
    2. IowaViper
      Ok, thanks. I’ll try for rottenronnie. Still trying to learn to navigate on this forum
      Aug 14, 2021
  17. steveyzf21
    Sold my VT. It was a great 6 years. I'll miss him dearly. I was his 10th caretaker and kept him the longest. 25000km of fun!
  18. El_venenoso
    I think I'm the only viper truck owner in the city! Some say im crazy having it in the bronx NY but I love the attention it gets...
  19. El_venenoso
    New to this forum and new to the American Muscle car world! 05 srt10 QC owner...
  20. HEKNUT
    HEKNUT JMB Justin
    Hi a google hunt for viper emblems brought me here, looking to replace my 2005 Ram SRT 10 Ram emblems for red and chrome viper emblem. Can anyone help? Looking to replace all 5
    Steering wheel x1
    Tailgate x1
    Front grill x1
    Side doors x2