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    Where did you get this? That's a double DIN, right? What brand, and does it use the factory amp?
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    Driver Window Regulator

    The retainers are brittle and don't hold. I have 98K on the truck now, and that window goes down whenever I'm driving, unless it's freezing outside. I enjoy the 110 mph AC that the open window provides. Thanks for the input everyone!
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    Driver Window Regulator

    My glass keeps popping out of the track, and it's a real pain in the ass to re-seat it by myself. Does anyone know if the 2005 Dodge Ram 1500 QC regulator will work on the SRT10?
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    Front Lower Control Arm - Where do you find the stamped part number?

    I've used X2 for several items, including the rear spoiler.
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    ‘04 RC in Reading PA

    That's because you drive upside down, and on the wrong side of the road...
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    Watched this....

    That is correct for the last conventional carrier. From what I remember, they had planned to make it a nuke, but things changed. We had an extra water purifier onboard, never had water rationing. This is a gorgeous ship!
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    Maximizer Long Tube Headers and Midpipes for SRT10

    Damn, great price! Just the headers alone for B&B, is $2300
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    Watched this....

    My pleasure, and I would do it all over again.
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    Watched this....

    Thank you Hemi, for the pics of my old boat. She looks sad just sitting there going to waste :(
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    MARCH 2024 TOTM - Kiwi SRT10!!

    Not to mention he drives on the wrong side of the road, and upside down!
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    Watched this....

    So that future generations can learn and experience what ship board life was like. I was in the Navy 81 - 85 and my chopper squadron was attached to CV67 the JFK. We were due to pull into port in Egypt in a few days, but the terrorists blew up the Marine barracks in Lebanon 1983. While they...
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    APRIL 2024 TOTM - rottenronnie!!!!

    Yours looks a bit lower than mine. Mine has a slight forward rake to it.
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    Buyer Beware

    Don't know who this Dan guy is, and I'm no tranny expert, but that does not look like it was ever rebuilt. Just my opinion. Did it come with paperwork showing what parts were replaced?
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    Any Questions?

    What's it used for, I've never heard of this compound.
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    Maximizer Long Tube Headers and Midpipes for SRT10

    I don't either in Ga. However, Torrie has a big warning label on his website that if emissions has been messed with or deleted, he will NOT do a custom tune. Joe Bribdem's EPA have way overstepped their boundary.