With all due respect... Let's step this up a notch and move this to the offensive section! :drool:
Way to go Carl! Hope she is the 1 for you sir and makes you a happy man for the rest of your life. :):):)

badass truck:rock:
badass woman:rock::rock:

she has some awesome eyes:rock::rock::rock::rock:
Thanks fellas! :laugh: You guys are bloody hard case hahaha. Milk? LOL....brilliant!! :D Thanks ZCx, she does indeed, I'm an eyes guy, so seeing her for the first time in person blew my mind, they're like a light hazel and in the sun go almost gold.

Kick arse chick too, loves to surf, drink, curse, no dramas, doesn't even mind ACDC (her wearing my tee below). She moved in a few months ago and we plan to buy another house (near the beach) ASAP then do the marriage thing, so, if I've followed the older crowd right, first I need to get my cars done before it's too late and I have no money left?? Hahahaha! Hope all is well my American brethren. :)

i see your batram is rhd. i live in the uk and have a rhd quad cab srt-10 2005.
i had to replace the steering rack bushes recently and was surprised to find my ram has a jeep liberty steering rack and my steering feels nasty. i was wondering if you know what rack was fitted to your truck when it was converted as i would like to change mine.
many thanks
AND it has the B&B exhaust!! Look for and watch his you tube video's of the truck. The sound is flat out the best you will have on the V10 engine. That inspired me to get the full 3" manifold back B&B. The outstanding power UNDER peak matches the top end rush once "tuned". :rock:

Match that with a TB, stock intake with K&N, under-drive pulley, fresh plugs, poly bushings on the suspension including the rear leafs and fresh Pirelli tires and the truck will punch you in the face!!:D