Actually he has mentioned many times it is NOT his. Some of the ideas I like. The overall I do not. But, If the owner likes it, who cares. It's his dollar....or pound....or whatever.

we call it Euro,...
Truthfully I would have done it with a junkyard damaged repairable ( my o2) I can recomend a good therapist for the guy that completely fucked up a 10:D Its his dollar ( euro) so " ce la vie" "You can drive around the world in reverse, it doesnt make it right"

Hey guys, dont beat him too hard...

We have several things (called laws) that hinder us from doing a real rat rod car / truck.

All of the things Carl draw up, we like as well, but we are not allowed to drive on the street. So the truck is a compromise between what is possible and still street legal to what we understand as coming as close as possible to a Rat Ram theme.

All the best

Hmmmm, not feeling that at all, but to each his own. My opinion is you should be able to walk up to a vehicle and regardless of theme, know what it is by visual appearence. If someone said that truck had a theme, Ratrod would be one of my last choices. Not being mean here, just my 2c. I would have said it looks like a truck for a movie where the world ends and they found that and limped home to safety.

Off the top of my head, if I were to build a "RATRAM" I would have done the basics: flat black, mixed a few body panels, slammed, white wall tyres, no tonneau cover, chopped a few items, removed stuff like mirrors, fog lights, no hood, bright red engine bay, huge header pipes out the front guards and made it more tasteful. That'd be a good start. I kinda wish you started with less of a mint truck. :(

Below is what I would do (crap photoshop) but it's where I'd start. I had to use The Batram as a base platform. It was hard to "dull" the paint job and do exactly what I wanted but if I were to build a Ratrod theme, it's what I'd do. It's not perfect but this was all done in 30 minutes and given the time I feel I could do it a little more justice than the photo below, but, you get where my theme would head. :)

Once again, no hard feelings, this is just one guys opinion and we're all entitled to one. Main thing is YOU enjoy it. :burnout:

I like that concept a lot.
With this, its all about personal preference and the fact that its your paid for what you wanna do.
I wouldnt do it to mine but its different and kinda cool.
even this truck looks better

Does it still have the 10 engine in it & if it does, is it stock? If it doesn't what are you running in it. Remember: Different Strokes for Different Folks. That's the reason most of us have different colored trucks & have done different mods to them. I don't like sissy steps, but some guys do.

once more for everyone : This is not my truck. It belongs to one of the European SRT owners who belongs to the VTCOA section Germany.

The truck of course has the VIPER SRT10 engine and T56 six speed inside.
It used to be a silver RC SRT10 which was modified according to the pics you saw.

Is it ugly ? Yes to most of the people !
Is it modified ? Yes, extreme on the body (as seen on the pics), mild on the engine with throttle body, mopar LT, Borla Cat back, CAI and tune by Torrie
and some lowering by DJM arms, plus lowering blocks in the back.
Weight reduction vs. stock : approx. 670 pounds

Is it fun to drive : hell, yes !!!!!

Motto : not a ratrod as most of you write on here (because it will never be street legal in germany), just a Rat Ram according to the laws that are given !

Think of it like this : whatever you like on the ratrod them from carlwalski earlier in this thread, it is unfortunately forbidden in Germany....
The Dodge Ram SRT10 has never been built for Germany thats why there is only the Dodge official paper documenting what is ok or not ok on the truck, therefore our technical inspection does not allow anything besides the original. So for us to find some backdoors is very hard and not easy.....

Do i like it ? Yes, but i would never do it to my truck.....
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I think a lot of people are forgetting that the laws in Germany prevent the RatRam owner from doing the modifications necessary to make it an actual ratrod. I like the idea, and I give credit to the owner for having the balls to go forth with the idea on his truck. But honestly, it could have been better thought out. The theme on that truck is a mess.
RAT RAM on Youtube

[ame=]Rat Ram SRT 10 bei Ritchy 2013 - YouTube[/ame]

[ame=]Rat Ram SRT 10 VS. BMW XD3 Bi-Turbo - YouTube[/ame]

[ame=]Big-E 2013 - Dodge Ram SRT10 "Rat Ram" - YouTube[/ame]
U P D A T E - the RATRAM has a few more seats :D

Please have a look at the pictures and judge for yourself.

Alex (owner) kept the frame of the RC and installed the QC housing.
With some minor mods it was an easy install.
The biggest issue was to shorten the sides of the bed to fit it to
the new dimensions of the QC housing.

Now it has to stay outside to gain some rust again.....:D

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hate to say it, like that setup:rock::rock::rock:

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