Ronnie's NA Build

I'd be happy to set you up with giggle juice Ronnie. We have one of the best systems on the market. Plate system with great atomization and digital
Controlled :)

I've been trying to resist the temptation. :D

I can't go with much of a shot however. I'm using a glassy-smooth bore finish with a tight end-gap and a wide LSA roller.
And I'm already using the coldest plug I can get without getting into the ice-cold NASCAR plugs which are Gerschtunken for street use.

IOW it wasn't built for Nitrous.

I think a 100 shot would be a semi-safe max unless I tear into again (and I'm too lazy) :)

But if I pull the trigger, I can sure give you a shout.

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Get the juice!!

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I'm using the coldest Iridium that NGK makes with a 1.04" reach (for the Strikers).

The other option: R7437-8 are $50.00 each and are designed for extended high r.p.m. use and are not a street plug.

The Iridiums can be tricky to gap with that tiny pin of a firing-tip but so far, so good.
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Çhampion's numbering system would have a colder plug than the RC 12 ECC as an RC 11 ECC (if they even exist).

NGK's numbering system is the reverse. A colder plug uses a higher reference number.

I'd check with Champion to see what they recommend.

If you want to switch brands, numbering systems tell only part of the story. A 12 from NGK might not actually be one range colder than an 11 from Champion.

Clear as mud??
NOBODY on this site is allowed to call Nitrous: "NOS" as it is right off the set of Fast & Furious and is fucked up. :chain:


How about spray, squeeze and juice? Are those acceptable terms? :D
5800ft DA at my house today. Headed for the coast on Wednesday.:burnout::burnout:
5800ft DA at my house today. Headed for the coast on Wednesday.:burnout::burnout:

Use the white truck to tow the black truck to the track and go and have some fun.

Bolt on your Drag Radials, drop the pressure to 7 psi.
Hold the revs right at 6000, dump the clutch and hang on.
You should have a wicked 60 foot and if it is still around at that point, keep shifting and wait for another 9 seconds or so until you roar through the traps with a big smile on your face.

Have fun.
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