Test & Tune: 4.10 to 4.88 Results!

Here's something interesting, I found my first time slip from when my truck was pure stock, full weight , on street tires,4.10 gears. Oct. 23, 2005 at Famoso , noon, 74 degrees, DA 1928': 60' 2.002, 330' 5.529, 1/8th mile 8.437 @ 85.14, 1000' 10.954, 1/4 mile 13.070 @ 106.82 mph.

:rock: thats pretty awesome sir
Your mph came from spinning.
But with slicks do you credit your better ets. To the gears or the slicks?

Dom, watch the video in my sig (from this thread), that was my 13.06 run the other night...if you watch closely, i babied it off the line and didnt even spin first gear, yet i netted my fastest mph of the night, but even with the spinning most of my runs were 108mph...gears baby :D
I've been meaning to write this post all week and just haven't made time to do so. However, I had a little time this morning, so if you've got a minute, follow along as I take your though a trip down memory lane:

There are three main characters in this little saga: Psycho Mythic (Cody) who inspired this post, those who told him he would not go any faster with 4.88's, and myself because I am the one posting. To keep this as concise as possible, I am going to edit many, many posts together. These posts span from November of last year until Sunday of this week. I'll keep everything in chronologic order.

Caveman and I have been talking about him changing to 4.88's and I could not think of anything it would hurt and only performance gains.
Jack, thanks for starting this thread! Am I understanding correctly that a non-OEM axle housing is required for 4.88's? Why did you stop running the 4.88's?
Anyone in Colorado have 4.88's in a RC? I would be interested in going for a ride...
Lol, just like you would think. Blow the tires off in 1st, 2nd and 3rd(If you want too) and I wanted too a lot.
My mind has been made, my next mod will be 4.88's! :rock:
I think 4.88 is too much gear IMO! 4.56 and my stock 31" 22's run outta gear at the top of the 1/4! I'm redlining in 4th!! They are perfect with my 32" slicks but on the street I can roast thru 3rd easy if I want . What that does is kill my launches (dig) runs in Mexico on street tires, yet from 30 I KEEL You!!
Lmao. Save money and put 4.56 ring and pinion and call it a day bros and ho's.:chain:
What we see in the above posts is that I was interested in switching to 4.88's. Jack recommended it, Cody jumped on board, and the naysayers started to come out.

Truck is lowered a lil and has aftermarket mufflers, I've got a jtsvp underdrive pulley on the way and possibly a volant cai, what would you reccomrnd next? I'm thinking Torries sct and a jtsvp TB, but man I want gears!http://www.vtcoa.com/forums/newreply.php?do=newreply&p=1130055
Gears next so I can get your feedback on them! :D
Alright guys, 4.88's are on the way, just sent Tony the $ woohoo! As for headers, I'm gonna wait on a used set, $1800 is just not in the books right now.
So you've given up on trying to go fast:rock:http://www.vtcoa.com/forums/newrepl...com/forums/newreply.php?do=newreply&p=1130127
For your consideration: (posted a speed for RPM in gear chart)
I rode in a truck with 88's it spun everywhere, That was enough for me not to buy the 88 gears. To each their own, I see my friends pull 10 sec QUARTER mile passes, and they don't use 4.88 gears.
I had 4:56's in my other, heard alot of good things about the fun factor of the 4;88's for street driving. I may hit the track twice a year at best, so not a big deal to me. Im sure ill never hit 10 second 1/4's in my truck. But if my 06 ran 8.4's in the 8th with very little mods (same run was a 12.9 in the quarter), than Jacks 7.2 in the 8th has got to be mid to high 11's in the quarter on 4.88's and never been in his motor. That sounds fun enough to me!!
I believe jacks best run is with 4.56's....
Depends on your diving skill as well. I'm excited to take these 4.88's and find my sweet spot, track times soon to come...:)
What were your times before?
I put 4.88,s on my black truck... If your going to remain stock and only run red light to red light, and run 4.88,s your good to go ,If you plan to beef it or run on track a lot for more zoom zoom don't do it ,been there and done that !;)
No times with this truck yet. Sounds like the gears arent the problem then, sounds like id have to look at suspension and getting the truck totransfer weight better, amoung a few other things to get the truck to hook efficiently, which im gonna be working on soon anyway, just wanna add a few lil power goodies first to end the year with some nice burnouts :D I could get excellent traction and launches with my 4.56's on my last truck with wore out street tires, so im sure i wont have any trouble with the 4.88's and some good rubber, next year i will be running slicks ;)
What were your times with your last truck?
Stock motor, no tune, headers and stock intake, less then 50% tread toyo st's, caltracs I could pull 1.9's back to back, 8.4 8th and 12.9 @ 109mph...
The above posts show that many people stated that 4.88's were not going to make Cody's 1/4 mile times any quicker. Fortunately for them, Cody took the time to explain that although he only races "twice a year at best", he has amazing driving skills that will allow him to make the most of the 4.88's.

4.10 gears @ 80mph = just over 1600rpm in 6th gear...seems you're a couple hundred rpm off bud
4.10 gears @ 75mph = 1500rpm in 6th gear...
My truck has stock size tires (305-40R22's)
(posts a couple pictures of his speedo and tach
everyway i do the math on your truck cody it says it has 3.73 for a rear end
Me too, Cody. Check your RPM in 4th gear for a couple different speeds and I bet the numbers work out for a 4.10 though.
What you see above is Cody asking for verification of his current gear ratio. It's notable that the first two helpful responses are from a naysayer and myself. Later in our story, naysayers and cavemen will be referred to as "douchebags".

Got the gears in and everything is good to go, even though im trying to be easy on them, the truck feels WAY stronger, judging by how much better it pulls i think its safe to say a solid 4 tenths on my quarter times, i dont think im gonna have too bad of tractions probelms to get it either.
While she was on the lift i gutted my front 2 cats, pretty simple and the truck sounds much better, throttle feels a lil better, and its not even throwing any codes...thanks Tony, you guys are the best, 4.88's FTW!!!
Im gonna do a separt pic and write for the cats...
Sweet now get to the track, your best is what now?
The truck feels soooo much better, better track times will be a no brainer (expecially being my truck is nearly stock). Best i got was a 13.2 the other day, full street trim, 1.9 60 fts...ill def post a thread once i get broke in and back to the track bud...
Sorry to disappoint you, but your ET's will not change in the quarter. If it does, it will only be by very very little. It does give a huge seat of the pants performance difference. Have fun!
I run outta gear on street tires with my 4.56's! I could only imagine 4.88 losing speed!:(Of course since all any of you kailua drinking Florida boys run are 1/8 mile you'll see an improvement there if you can hook ;) :burnout: Loom forward to results bro
I was running high 12's on stock street tires with my 4.56's and not running out of gear (06 RC). But if you're already running out of gear with the 4.56's and having to switch then whats everybodies issues with having to switch with 4.88's? Come on people :stupido:
The consensus seems to be that 4.88's make a stock truck more fun. If you want to go quicker than mid 12's, they are probably too short.
I had all three gear 4.10/4.56/4.88 and for me and only for me ,the 4.10 are too high,the 4.88 too low and the 4.56 a decent compromise.If I could get what I want next time,it would be 4.30.Why ? I like to wind it out and shift.the 4.10 was just a wee bit too high ,though and the 4.88 had me shifting far too soon for my liking.As for stock 4.56 they are a great compromise.
Great feedback, Nelson! It's good to hear from someone who has tried all three on the stock wheel/tire combo.
So what can we learn from the above posts? That despite many people saying otherwise, Cody has no traction issues with the 4.88's and will probably pick up 4 tenths of a second at the track.

My best before was a 13.2 @ 105mph with the 4.10's, and I only got that once. Tonight I ran consistent back to back 13.1's (3 times) and a 13.060 @ 108.99mph. The only mod changes were the 4.88 gears and I gutted the front cats (stock cans still there).
Important: my 60' times with the 4.10s on street tires was 1.9's, but first was more tricky with street tires on the 4.88's, as you can see, even with a slower 60' time of 2.1 with the 4.88's, I still gained 2 tenths in the quarter and a couple miles er hour. I did manage to pull a 2.0 60' tonight with 4.88s on one of my 13.1 runs. With slicks these boys will be a beast!
Also: Every run with the 4.88s it would shred first (id have to be easy) spin second, and chirp third AND fourth! It was kinda awesome hear 4th chirp every time, thank God for building us these trucks!!!! :rock:
Also forgot, I had a Volant CAI with the scoop on my last runs, (with the 4.10's). Today was with stock intake (I sold the volant awhile back).
What was the difference in weather?
Good to hear that you are happy with your results. Looks like you picked up just over a tenth by gutting the cats. I'm a proponent of 4.88's for most people here. Lower gears will absolutely make a street truck more fun because they allow the engine to rev easier at partial throttle, during tip in, and especially at RPM across lower portion of the torque curve. In a WOT situation, like drag racing, our trucks build plenty of torque and horsepower, and the mathematical advantage gained with shorter gears barely exists. In other words, good air, and a plethora of other factors, will make a bigger difference in your E/T's than a 4.88 swap.
Nice to see your results bro ! I'm sure it's more fun on the street for sure! Did you hit the rev limiter across the 1/4 laser? Spinning from a stop usually WILL gain a couple MPH and to get a true/accurate result you should have left cats, and air box as it was in prior baseline. Really hard to tell what helped and what hurt:dontknow:
Can't wait to see slips with slicks though! I'm actually contemplating 4.10s in my QC to see if I can gain a little more MPH, MPG, and ET:rock:
Thanks brotha, im sure a 1.7 60' wont be too difficult with some good drag radials :)

I believe the lack of 1/8 mile gain was only because of the added spinning in first and second on street tires, and i also like to think that when i removed the volant and put the stock intake and stock filter back in that i lost a tenth. No matter what the numbers were, i had a blast, and enjoy this truck more than any vehicle ive ever had :rock:

I went just before Christmas, it was about the same...never gets too cold here in sough Ga :mad:
I thought from what other people were saying the 4.88 vs 4.10 were a night & day difference :dontknow:
Huge difference on the steet, but to get all the good out of them at the track you'd need at least some drag radials. She ran way better at the track to me. Consistent 1-2 tenths even with extra spinning.
I didnt have to change to 5th either. She redlines at 111mph with the 4.88's.
your da on 12/17/12 12:23am was 923ft corrected run was [email protected]. your da on 2/16/13 8:46pm was -546 ft corrected run was [email protected]. glad you had fun but i dont thik your truck is any faster bro just really good air homie. reguardless you had fun
I just think its neat how you post here and act all buddy buddy, Then head to the other forum and call us all "douchebags". If you want people to you that all your ideas are the coolest, VTCoA isn't for you. If you want objective opinions from various perspectives, you'll fit right in here. No one here wants you to go slower, Cody. But we also aren't going to stroke your ego and tell you something works when we don't believe it will.
Test & Tune: 4.10 to 4.88 Gear Results!...
She sure is a lot more fun to drive, I've got some aluminum 17's I'm gonna see what the tallest Dr I can find is and try that.
As for the guys that only want to stir shit, or cloak negative comments with fake enthusiasm, good luck with that fellas. I'm here cause I love my truck, not to battle BS. I believe it should be left at that ;)
Don't really care what you believe it should be left at. I think your a worm for calling posters here "douchbags" on another forum. To the rest of you, have a great evening! :)
That's enough of this one. You can read through the rest of the posts on this thread to see that the conversation went nowhere. Basically, Cody went slower with the 4.88's than he did with the 4.10, just as the naysayers said he would. He blamed it on a lack of traction, just like the naysayers said he would. Initially, Cody thought his super-duper driving skills were going to make the 4.88's work. Even after installing them, he claims that traction isn't an issue and 4.88's are the bestest, despite the empirical evidence he supplied (timeslips corrected for D.A.) clearly showing otherwise. And to all you "naysayers" who tried to steer him right before he ever bought new gears, he thinks you are "douchebags". As for this caveman, I want to say thank you to all the "douchebag" naysayers on the VTOCA that don't hesitate to tell it to me straight.
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I know some people call me a douche bag :D

I don't care tho does not bother me at all, I have gave away tons of stuff to members on here from my truck before & after I traded it in.

I still have a set of smoked headlights waiting for "DAN" when he gets better from his broken leg. I should just drive to his house and drop them off LOL.

Thats why I still come on this forum, cause it's so mixed with peoples personalities :)

i didn't brake my leg!!! :creep:



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I almost forgot about this thread, good times.

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